LED lights are the latest choice for smart and sustainable functioning.

we create lighting systems that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction. We focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences that enhance your brand, encourage social interactions, and revitalize communities.

Our Services

For Public Spaces

Beautifully designed and intelligently managed public lighting helps communities prosper by revitalizing neighborhoods, attracting visitors, and giving tourists and residents alike a feeling of security. A comprehensive lighting plan can differentiate a city, making it a valued destination while helping to achieve important sustainability and energy-reduction goals.

For Office And Industry

Lighting in offices and industrial spaces has a profound effect on the well-being, productivity, and worker vitality. Effectively lit and attractive environments enhance your image, help you recruit and retain high-value employees, and increase the total value of your facility.onnected lighting systems can precisely manage the lighting in a facility with a combination of control strategies.

For Retail

Stylish design and superior lighting can do as much to create memorable experiences as the things you sell, the food you serve, and the threadcount of your sheets. Connected lighting systems add a whole new level of responsiveness to your interior retail and hospitality spaces.

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LED Bulb

LED lighting adds warmth to your life. LED light bulbs help you transform your living space with beautiful and warm light. It offers numerous lighting possibilities and helps in saving 90% of the energy consumption. The instant brightness of the light is able to create a comfortable environment in your home. Since there is a range of lighting solution available in the market, LED bulbs emit cooler and more energizing light. To enjoy a perfect light quality and no warm-up time, you should buy LED bulbs.

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LED Panel

Glowia LED Panel Lights are energy efficient and retrofit solution for high power consuming traditional lights. Offers versatile features for household and industrial applications. Good colour rendering and no UV radiation.This slim LED light has no mercury inside the lamp so as to avoid overheating issues. Glowia offers light which has wide operating voltage so it can be used in wide range of areas such as home, office, shop mart, gallery etc.

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LED Tubelight

Get better lighting effect at lower power consumption with Glowia LED Tube Light, You don't need to replace it often. Glowia LED Tube Light features 5W, 10W and 18W wattages range. Made of high quality poly-carbonate body & diffuser (glare free). The internal integrated driver in Glowia LED tube light in order to ensure highest safety. Glowia LED tube light is energy efficient lighting solution with very low maintenance cost, these LED lights have high brightness output.

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LED Streetlight

Glowia led street light is designed for various outdoor applications like Parking lot lights, Outdoor lights, Street lights, Road side lights, Bridge lights, Highway lights, Stadium lights and walkway lights. It is perfect for secondary roads and pathways. It sports a compact body, which provide a highly efficient lighting solution as street lights. Great and Safer than other lights with heat dissipation technology which would break down within a month, Provides high brightness for you, Better dust proof and weatherproof effect, Energy saving and low power consumption.

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Our Goals


Give City a leading role

First-class façade and architectural lighting can beautify your city while highlighting historical and signature, features such as bridges, museums, and monuments. Well-planned and carefully managed exterior lighting can create a stunning showcase, but also energy efficient and sustainable.


Brighter, safer, greener

It’s well known that inefficient lighting depletes our planet’s precious resources and that emissions can affect the quality of air that we breathe. But it’s also important to understand the impact of artificial light on our sleep and other natural processes that affect our quality of life as a whole.


System right for you

Specifying lighting systems begins with you—your business, your organization, your goals. Our experts work with you to identify the specific system capabilities that you need, then help you design a system that serves those needs—now and in the future, as your business evolves and changes.

What Others Say About Us

We are a passionate LED lights manufacturing company that specializes in
Quality products and OEM supplies.

Value for Money, easy to use ,works perfectly for all kinds of offices, parties and occasions etc. Never thought their lights will be so bright and this good !! I'm amazed


We bought cool colour temeperature lights.The lights are extremely bright, and completely fill the hall.The lights are comparably brighter than the average tubelights.

Reena Chauhan

I have been buying Glowia lights since last 2 years. Their rates are comparably cheaper but quality is at par with top brands like Philips, Syska. I definitely recommend them to all.

Animesh Awasthi

My company has been purchasing drivers from Tago Electronics. Their drivers are of good quality, as they are using standard companents. They never compromise with quality, which in turn increases durability of the product.

Mithun Gaur

Glowia LED bulb produces a white, cool light that’s suitable for home or office, and when tested it blew away its competitors in terms of colour accuracy. Next time if you are looking for LED bulbs, try Glowia atleast once.


Great LED bulbs. Light is very good, I purchased them 3 years back and still there is no difference in light quality. Overall quality is very good. Higly recommended.

Shweta Tomar

Deeper visibility into customers’ behavior gives you deeper customer insight, allowing you to continually improve the customer experience,enhancing customer intimacy and encouraging customer loyalty. With a retail environment that’s both beautifully illuminated and adaptive to each of your customer’s specific desires and preferences.